Benefits of HGH

Benefits of HGH In medical terminology, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is basically a protein hormone discharged by the pituitary gland that primarily stimulates cell and growth reproduction inside our bodies.…


The Age of Hormones

The Age of Hormones You probably remember being a teenager, and having your hormones run (and wreak havoc upon) your life. But what many people don't stop to consider is…


Review of GEN FX

Review of GEN FXWith all the anti-aging products on the market today, it really is worth your while to do your homework and determine which one will be the most…


Why Do We Age?

Why Do We Age? The fountain of youth - such metaphorical piece of myth that alludes to immortality has been used over and over again on different forms of literature…


Coronavirus Pandemic Quarantine | How to stay Protected

Now the entire world is under the thread of Coronavious (Covid 19). Most of the countries are affected by this time, thousands have died and millions are affected. Which is increasing? We have to follow strict roles for our own safety and safety of others. The roles we have to obey are, keep social distance, avoid gathering, not to touch anything or if touched wash hands immediately with hand wash or soap, clean door knobs and handles regularly.