Do you think Biochemical medicine | Twelve salt can help mans’ HealthCare
Twelve Salt Treatment Medicines Pile

Do you think Biochemical medicine | Twelve salt can help mans’ HealthCare

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Do You think Biochemical Medicine (Biochemic Twelve Salt medicine) can help to keep mans’ health care!

Author: Razaul Millat Kazol

It is found many times that Biochemic Medicine (Biochemical Medicine) can in many cases suitably help to cure or help with other medicine to cure many diseases. Therefore twelve salt therapies are also playing a vital role in Health Care.

I observed that some of my neighbors and relatives suffering from critical diseases were being cured by Homeopathic medicines.  Observing these I decided to learn Homeopathy. Therefore I got myself admitted into a Homeopathic college and started attending their night section. I started attending classes for a year. There I came across Biochemical Medicines.  Though, the way of treating diseases by Homeopathic and Biochemic medicines is not the same and similar. Generally, Biochemic Medicines are prescribed by Homeopathy practitioners while diagnosis diseases.

I bought some basic Homeopathy books along with a Biochemic Medicines Text Book. The biochemical system of treating is invented by a German doctor named Dr.  Schusler in 1873. According to him, our body tissues are made of twelve salts. When there is a shortage or malfunction of any of these salts, we become sick related to this tissue.  When this shortage of salt is/are met by the specially made low dose of that salt the disease related to it gets cured. This is the philosophy of treating diseases by Biochemic medicines.

I had only intended to know and basics of homeopathy and its recovery history. So, after one year I stopped attending homeopathy classes. But I continued to study Biochemic Medicine minutely, sincerely, and by heart. The Biochemic Medicines consists of namely 1. Calcarea fluoricum 2.Calcarea phosphoricum 3. Calcarea sulphuricum 4. Ferrum phosphoricum 5. Kalimuriticum 6. Kali phosphricum 7. Kali sulphuricum 8. Magnesia phosphoricum 9. Natrum muriaticum 10. Natrum phosphoricum 11. Natrum sulphuricum 12. Silicea.

The Biochemical Medicines are found from low to high in much potential. They are generally 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x, 2oox, etc. It is better to use low to medium potential tablets i.e. 3x, 6x, and 12x potential tablets for treating diseases for most cases. It is desirable to take two to three one-gram tablets as each dose while treating diseases by Biochemic medicines for adults, one or two tablets for the child, and ½, to one tablet for infants. The 12x may be taken as standard potential.

It is to mention here that I have been suffering from teeth disease for a long time. I had to consult the dentist several times a year. Even my two had to pull out at my young age for swollen teeth gum, mobile tooth, and tooth pain. Stone used to build easily on my teeth and would have to scale teeth as and when required.  Sometimes dentists while scaling complained, “Your all teeth seem mobile.”  Moreover, sediments could easily gather on my teeth even when I washed my teeth two or thrice daily making an odd odor in my mouth.

At the time when I was studying Biochemic Medicine Text Book, I was facing the same condition as above. So, as per reference to the book I started taking Calcarea fluoricum three doses daily for treating mobile teeth and relieving pain, Calcarea phosphoricum two doses daily for gaining teeth strength and relief of pain. After taking Biochemic medicine for a week or two, the mobility of my teeth along with the pain, totally gone. My teeth have got their strength and solidness as before. I took  Kalimuriticum 12x three-dose daily for a few days to treat the formation of sediment on my teeth, and the creation of odor thereby. I am glad to say that formation of sediments on my teeth and the creation of odor have also gone after a few days’ treatments.  After that time on whenever I faced the same problem again, I used to repeat the same treatment again to become fit again.  It is to note here that some time Biochemic medicine require to take for a larger time to show the symptom of cure.

biochemic mediine
Twelve Salt Treatment Medicines Pile

Moreover, I had been suffering from cold from my boyhood. My body was always cold summer or winter. Anybody shake my hand complains, “Why your hand is so cold.” I had consulted many doctors from genera to specialists, consumed many medicines, and used many nasal sprays, but with no effect. This time I started to try Biochemic Medicines to treat this problem. AS the Biochemic Medicines are believed to have no side effects, considering symptoms of my diseases I selected some Biochemic medicines and started testing them. I found that Natrum  Sulphuricum 12x, Natrum Muraiticum 12x, and Ferrum  Phosphoricum do well to minimize my coldness. But to get full benefit I had to take Ketofen with it. Besides, I feel feverish and suffering from fever at every seasonal change, during rain and cloudy day, and winter season.  I started to take Ferrum   Phosphoricum 12x, along with Magnesia Phosphoricum 12x in case of pain of the body and head just at the beginning of happening of these situations.

Once I saw one of my granddaughters not walking properly at her actual time. Her child physician opined it normal.  Seeing her mode of walking I thought she may have Rickets like a problem. I gave her Calcarea Phophoricum 12x, two to three tablets daily. After two or three months we forced her parent to x-ray ignoring her doctor’s advice. I hope my medicine  A problem was found and her physician expressed sorry for his misguidance and delay and prescribed new medicines. This delay could be fatal. I hope my medicine played well. She is well now.

My mother used to stay with me for a while. At one of such time observing her much eagerness for salt and water retention I gave her Natrum Muriticum 12x, and for body pain or headache I use to gave mom magnesia Phophoricum. When my mom left my house for my younger brother’s house I gave the bottles of Biochemic Medicine tablets with her. After a few days when I paid a visit to see her at my brother’s house, my mother return the piles of tablet Intec and said, “Take it with you, they say these are fake, to satisfy you.” I took the bottles without a word silently. They were not familiar with Biochemic medicine.  But the words still ring in my ears. However, you can have twelve salts piles from the Homeopathy Medicines Drug Stores all over the world. You can also collect it online in every biggest City. You can also collect Biochemic Medical Book from the drug store or from a Book Library.

There are many opinions that a Mainstream Medicine or any alternative medicine alone cannot or wouldn’t be able to treat a disease always, there may require the help of other contemporary medicines like Homeopathy, Biochemical Twelve Salts, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Natural Health, Physiotherapy, Red light therapy, etc, even Meditation. Meditation alone can play a vital role in maintaining Mental Health. I am not so wise to put a comment on it. I would only ask you all to write if you have any experiences like me with your worthy opinion.

The article is written to help others to know, learn, and extend the knowledge base, not to practice, use, or diagnose others. If anyone does so, the author will not and shall not, in any case, be liable for any of the misdoing thereof. I you have grown up interest to know and learn about life-saving, articles and to know the unknown, you may proceed to read them ahead.

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