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surviving the final bubble
Virus that compelled us Stay Home following restrictions

 Now, the entire world is under the thread of coronavirus (Covid-19). Most of the countries are affected by this time, thousands are already dead and, millions are affected.  Tolls are increasing with the passes of time. It is observed that if one person with Corona virus  kept unattended the virus will spread at a multiple speed again. So it is call of time for each and every world leaders to work together to control this serious situation of mankind. We are to follow many roles and regulations for our own safety and fellow others. 

Coronavirus And Quarantine! Requirements to stay protected

  • The roles and regulation are to follow during quarantine
  • Keeping social distance, not to make a gathering and not go to a gathering
  • Not to touch, handshake or embrace others as mark of friend ship, love or intimacy
  • Not to touch lock, knobs or anything now and then outside or home
  • If something happens like this knowingly or unknowingly immediately,
    and at interval regularly wash your hands possibly feet also wash with hand wash or soap.
  • Stay at home and not to go out without emergency or most important work.
Protect You And Other from Virus Attack

Self Quarantine:
Sometime for obvious reason you are to stay isolated or quarantine what the name is. Even your area may kept LOCKOUT by the authority when reasons claim it. Therefore we become prey of time and have to stay home against our wills.
In many cases these long stays at home without work or movement bring fatigue and loneliness among us. Sometime we become Psychologically Physically, mentally ill and feel bored. These conditions sometime become disastrous to our mantel and physical wellness.

How to overcome Physical, mental fatigue and loneliness feelings!
How to solve no doctor no medical facility problem!

The viral diseases can not removed totally, it returns almost every year in this country or that country in one form or another small scale or large scale. So to face no doctor, no health care, no ambulance and no hospital situation in future you should take proper steps for self defense acquiring proper knowledge. The knowledge of what to do, where to do, what to do at what time, which to do, what do not that is from A to Z of medical health care  would require to have in the syllabus. Thus you can help yourself your family, relatives, society at the end your nation as a whole. We can take training from home or learn from home. We can read survival MD or read doctors book of survival home remedies digital online books. This Learning Online Digital Books will fit you to fight against deadly viruses along with many other diseases at the time of epidemic and normal time.If you read two or more books of same group it will strengthen your knowledge base. Then you will able to fill the gap of this and that to make the problem easier to solve.  There a time come that we require learning from two to three books will help you to nurse, treat or help self or others at home now, in future always all-time or at the time of emergency when no doctor, no hospital accommodation, ambulance or medicine may not available which are experiencing now when we are in quarantine coronavirus. 

During The Epidemic Time;
How to solve problem of keeping health & immune system normal when the age is over 50!  Thy are prone to coronavirus easy prey.

At this critical pandemic time  men and women over the age of 50 are in great risk. Their immune system is weak and is prone to virus’s easy attack. Now they also have to stay home to protect them from contraction of viruses. When we all stay home inactively, we feel bore, ill from non activity and can even   gain more weight. Therefore all of us from tin age to old should engage ourselves in some healthy activities. We can do some indoor physical exercise, read books, try to write some articles, story or on anything, you like. This will help you to excel writing habit. For keeping sound active health, proper immune system especially above age 50 olds, we can serve Keto deserts for age after 50. This will do well to keep their immunity nicer and also fulfill their appetite. It can become wiser if you also keep Kato Recipe Book for age after 50. This will help you making a food article of their choice nice, delicious, and tasty and with proper food value to keep uphold their immune system, which is most vital requirement at their age

keto recipe book
Keto Recipe Book

Keep a recipe eBook for making delicious food for pleasure and fun!

Keto food is good food. It helps to keep health to its proper state by burning fats if required. Ketofood also provide balanced food require to keep a body strong stout with healthy immune system to fight virus and diseases protect body defeating them. You can keep Digital updated keto Recipe Book which is free to purchase for rest of you to prepare delicious nutritious and tasty food for you all. 

Start to Learn a Foreign Language

You can start to learn a language. But at the beginning of learning a language it is batter to learn how to learn a language easily within a minimum time span. You should read Busy Linguist Bible the Ultimate Guide to Successful Language Learning. 

 How to learn a language Online

You can start to learn a language. But at the beginning of learning a language it is batter to learn how to learn a language easily within a minimum time span. You should read Busy Linguist Bible the Ultimate Guide to Successful Language Learning. By Learning Busy Linguist Bible you’ll learn!

  • How to learn language using only 15-30 minutes a day
  • It will unleash inner motivation in you to learn a new language.
  • You will learn trick for consistent and persistent progress in language learning.
  • You will learn to make individual language learning plan on the basis of your time schedule as well as need
  • You will be able to find out the language you need to learn to boost your business, and caree

Now you are ready to learn foreign language. Choose the languages one by one as per your choice, if you like to learn more than language.

Learn Italian Language

Learn German Language

Learn Spanish Language

Learn French Language

You know benefit of learning one or more foreign language are many. A few of them are . You can learn foreign languages from home at lw cost. Learning a foreign language will boost your memory power, enhance your thinking capacity, and improve your decision making power. Learning foreign language will broaden your academic performance by facilitating you to use contents of other languages. If you learn foreign language you will become mor3 smarter, an improved lifestyle. Above all it might help you to choose your future career to lead a happiest life. So don’t spoil the chance to make yourself shinny with foreign languages. Use the long, boring, inactive quarantine of Pandemic creatively in most better and excellent way.

You Know That
While in quarantine we become furious how to spend time. It becomes our prime thinking how to pass time, how to stay well with sound health and sound mind.  We could engage ourselves in different activities. We can gossip, chat, and watch TV YouTube or video, browse internet or work from home on internet or more. We can also spend our valued time learning about different affiliate markets online


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Sometime Skin gives us many troubles. Skin care is required for all ages, men and women all as a large portion of our body skin are to keep bare in open air. As a result skin may get dirty or get infected by virus. Therefore we have to nurse, clean, and treat our skin as and when required. If such a situation arise, you can enquire about the Kollagen  Intensiv. It might make your skin clean, soft, and silky.